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Ing. Richard Susta, Ph.D.


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The wise snake SUSTA Slipbelly from a childer tale.

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Personal Data
Current  Position Senior lecturer
My Education 1975 High School in Prague
1975 - 1980 MSc - Czech Technical University (CTU) Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE),  specialization: Technical Cybernetics – Control Engineering
1993 Training in Rockwell Automation

1993 -2000 Several short courses of  PLC programming
2003 Doctoral Dissertation 
Post Address

Ing. Richard Susta, Ph.D.
Department of Control Engineering 
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University
Technicka 2, 166 27 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Phone + 420 224 357 359
Subjects Taught
Lectures Logical Systems, in Czech and English language
Programming for Control Engineering, in Czech and English language
Training PLC training courses for SPEL s.r.o, in Czech and English language
  • Programs for  several Allen-Bradley PLC's  (cement, water,  machining, and harbor industry) and for Windows NT (steel industry) for firms: 
    BLUMENBECKER Prag s.r.o.,
     SIDAT s.r.o., and SPEL s.r.o,
  • PLC Fuzzy Kernel design for ABFlex development tool of Rockwell Automation
  • Webmaster on Apache webs
  • Many programs for Windows in C++ (VC++, C++ Builder, .NET)


  • Automatic program verification and validation
  • Industrial control system
  • Programmable controllers program design

Selected Publications

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Something About Me
Birthday 11.6.1956, additional data 14E25 50N05 12:15 MET, Gemini in the year of the Fire Monkey
Family One child, boy.
Hobbies I like reading and writing sci-fi. My first published book  [Susta, Narka; Netopejr 1999] was nominated for Prize of Academy. My second roman "Touch of Zerotime" was published in 2003.  I also wrote several novels  and critical reviews, all in Czech language. 

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